Away to get the start button back in Windows 8


The below information applies to the original release of Windows 8. If you

Update to Windows 8.1 Microsoft has added the Start button that will give you the ability to get to the Start Screen. This doesn’t return the Start Menu, but if you’re ok with the Start Screen and just want the Start button we recommend getting Windows 8.1.


If you have Windows 8.1 or want the Start Menu follow the below steps.

Microsoft is committed to having everyone use the Start screen instead of the Start button and start menu found in previous versions of Windows and therefore has no setting to enable or disable the start button. However, there are a few things that can be done to mimic the Windows Start button. Try one or all of the below suggestions to see what works best for you.


Create a Windows Start Menu Toolbar

The Start Menu can be made into a toolbar, which will allow you access to all the programs you’d normally see in All Programs.

To do this follow the below steps.


  1. Make sure show hidden fileshas been enabled.


  1. Right-click on the Taskbarand click Toolbars and then New toolbar.


  1. Browse to C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows and select Start Menu


  1. and choose Select Folder


Once the above steps have been completed you’ll have a new Start Menu folder with all your programs in the Programs folder.






Install a third-party add-on

There are a few different third party tools that can be installed in Windows 8 that will help mimic the Start button and other features you may have enjoyed in previous versions of Windows. Below are our suggestions on what software tools to try.


ViStart 8 – A great free utility to get just the Start menu back almost identical to what was in Windows 7. Also includes the ability to skin and lots of other features.


Classic Shell – Another great free and open source software tool to add the start menu and many other previous Windows features to Windows 8.


Start 8 – Another great tool to add the start button to the Taskbar.


Start Menu 8  – Is a free lightweight tool which provides the classic start menu for you Windows 8 system

It introduces an easy way to maintain your previous computer habits on XP – 7


Tip: If you’re a power user looking for things such as the Command prompt, Computer management, Device Manager, Event Viewer, Control Panel, Windows Explorer, etc. try using the Power user shortcut key ( Windows key + X ) before trying any of the below suggestions.


Foot note

I do not own any of the information on these pages all thank go to those who wrote it.

I myself think its knowledge worth passing on thank you.


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