How to use Start Menu 8 v1


Welcome to use Start Menu 8 v1

Start Menu 8 is a free lightweight tool which provides the classic start menu for your Windows 8 system. It introduces an easy way to maintain your previous computer habits.

This guide will help you be familiar with Start Menu 8 quickly Main Interface. win8men



Once you installed Start Menu 8 on your Windows 8 computer, please click the Start button, it will bring back the start menu  immediately.

Right-click Menu



To start the Start Menu 8, you need to know the right-click features provided in Start Menu 8 first.

Righting click on Start button will bring up those options: Settings, Switch to Metro,

Open Windows Explorer, Check for updates, Technical Support, About, What ‘s new, Run…, Power and Exit.

Now you can quickly access Shut down, Restart, Log off, Switch user, Lock, Sleep, or Hibernate by selecting Power on the right-click menu Start Menu 8 Settings Your most wanted features and settings are provided in the settings, where you can specify how Start Menu 8 works and how Start Menu 8 looks like. The detailed explanations for each setting are as follows.

Here you can choose Windows 7 or Windows 8 theme. If Windows 7 theme is selected, Default Theme or Classic Windows7 Theme are provided there. If Default Theme is selected, you can disable or enable start menu transparency by ticking or unticking Disable Transparency. If Windows 8 theme is selected, you can configure the window size by choosing Small, Tall, Wide, Large, or Full Screen.

General Settings


  • Run at Windows startup: Tick the checkbox, Start Menu 8 will be started automatically at Windows startup.
  • Skip Metro screen: Tick the checkbox, the metro screen will be skipped at startup.
  • Disable Metro bottom-left hot corner: Tick the checkbox, the hot corner at the bottom left of screen will be disabled.
  • Disable Metro top-left hot corner: Tick the checkbox, the hot corner at the top left of screen will be disabled.
  • Deactivate Metro sidebar: Tick the checkbox, Metro sidebar will be disabled.
  • Deactivate hotkeys when full-screen task is detected: Tick the checkbox, the hotkeys won’t work if there is any task running in full-screen mode.
  • Left click to open Metro: Tick the checkbox; you can left click the Start button to open Metro.
  • Press Windows key to open Metro: Tick the checkbox, you can use Windows key to switch between desktop and Metro.


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